April 10, 2011

Online 'Do Not Track' Bill Introduced in State Senate

UNDER A new state law being considered in Sacramento, consumers who have the benefit of "Do Not Track" option for online privacy similar similar to the "Do Not Call" list that allows consumers to prevent telemarketers from calling them.

California State Senator Alan Lowenthal, D-Long Beach, introduced the legislation on Wednesday, April 6, that could put the state at the forefront of the online privacy debate.

Senate Bill 761 would require that consumers in California be given the option of allowing or disallowing companies to track their Web surfing habits. The bill's introduction came on the heels of Google co-founder Larry Page's transition to CEO of the company, taking over from fellow co-founder Eric Schmidt. An excerpt from a letter from Consumer Watchdog, the group suggested that Google's past practices lead at least in part to the writing of the legislation.

The group called on Google's new CEO, Larry Page, to support the legislation.

The proposed legislation is similar to federal Internet privacy bills introduced this year in Congress by Representative Jackie Speier, D-Hillsborough and others.

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