April 9, 2011

No Dirty Movies for County Workers

YESTERDAY'S POST was about the possibility of "Internet breaks" and today's entry is about dirty movies.

Last September Winona County, Minnesota (population 51,461) banned county employees from staying in hotels that sell pay-for-view porn. This week a state advocacy group honored that county for its position.

The County Board Chairwoman Mena Kaehler told a local paper that "it's not about our employees. It's about going to hotels that use porn as a revenue stream."

At the time Winona County approved the ban, county officials said they hoped to inspire other governments to follow suit. So far, one report hadn't heard of any takers.

The "clean hotel travel policy" requires roving county government workers to find a porn-less hotel. Minnesota has 480 hotels that qualify for the label, according to the Minnesota Department of Health.

County Administrator Duane Herbert said of the policy, "The policy echoes the county's focus on preventing sexual assault - behavior that can ring up big tabs for the county. These are the people who end up in our jails. And that's where the real costs are to our taxpayers."

The Men's Action Network website states, "Sexual exploitation of women and children has become mainstreamed. Material once regulated through zoning restrictions "adult book store is now available at gas stations, mainstream bookstores and hotels."

The network asked that business, public/private organizations, and municipalities modify their meeting facility policy to clarify that meetings and conferences will be held in facilities that do not offer in-room pornography.

The county answered the call.

It stands to reason that the county would answer the call because their website has a tag line which reads, "Winona County: Providing Effective Efficient Government."


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