April 12, 2011

Flink12: The Safest Way to Share Your Personal Life

SPEAKING OF social networking, there are many social networking platforms available today to share your "public self." But where do you go to privately and safely share your personal, day-to-day thoughts and experiences?

That's where Flink12 comes in.

Flink12 was created as a safe and secure way to share your private life. It is playful, safe, extremely private and easy to use. A unique way of sharing and communicating, Flink12 allows you to share your life in a meaningful way with the people you know and care about most.

Oh, by the way - what is a Flink? It's a group of twelve cows and before you ask - it is different than a "herd."

Check Flink12 out here and catch the crazy cows. Or get started by watching the short video below.

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