April 13, 2011

Daughter Asks Father: "What's a Telephone Booth?"

THIS TRUE short story provides a glimpse into how much the world has changed. The scene is a recent early morning at a dog park in San Mateo, California. The conversation takes place between a father and his 9 year-old daughter while they were watching their Golden Doodle romp with a dozen other dogs.

The father, the week before, had taken his family on a short vacation to Disneyland in Los Angeles. While on vacation he had to make an important business call that needed some privacy.

He found a telephone phone booth just around the corner from the hotel and at the appointed time, placed the call.

When dad returned to the hotel room his daughter asked, "did you make your phone call?"

"Yes, I used a phone booth around the corner and everything went well."

"What's a phone booth," the 9 year-old asks in a way that only a curious and innocent kid could.

The father paused for a second as a wry smile reshaped his face, "a phone booth is a small structure where you can make a call after you put a slug of quarters in the phone."

In total shock she shoots back, "You have to put money in the phone?"

"That's right," dad says.

Then she asks, with a dubious tone in her voice, "do you get your money back?"

"No way," says father.

"Wow, that doesn't seem fair," the daughter proclaims.

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