April 23, 2011

Campaign Signs 2.0

QR CODES. While not widely used yet, they are becoming more popular. And now they have made their way to election campaign signs.

A QR code, short for quick response, is a two-demensional barcode readable by dedicated QR barcode readers and smart phones. The code consists of black modules arranged in a square pattern on a white background.

QR codes have been gaining in popularity among the tech-savy for some time but they've been turning up in the mainstream recently. Late night talk show host Jimmy Fallon has used it to attract viewers to exclusive online content and print magazines have been using them as well

Well now they've turned up in political campaign signs.

Andrew Lang, a Toronto-Danforth Liberal candidate has a large QR code in the upper right corner of his campaign signs.

There are QR code generators. I tried one here and generated the QR code for the URL of this blog.

If you're contemplating running for public office in the near future, maybe you'd make news by getting campaign "T" shirts made with a QR code? Or maybe stick to bumper stickers and yard signs for now.

Want to learn how QR codes could help you? Read this article.

And there's always a Google search!

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