March 21, 2011


IMAGINE A room packed with 10,000 young organizers, all driven to create a clean, just economy. According to organizers that exactly what you'll see at "Power Shift 2011," taking place April 15-18 in Washington, DC.

Imagine what would happen if every one of these organizers learns to use their own story to motivate others, build powerful teams, develop clear strategies, and then launches into action. Consider the ripple effect as they take their campaigns into every corner of the country. Well, the New Organizing Institute and the Energy Action Coalition are the organizers of Power Shit and working to make change.

In order to train 10,000 organizers at Power Shift, over 1,000 Facilitators to lead the trainings are needed. Facilitators will be invited to a regional training on April 2-3 and they will go through the movement building training - facilitators will learn to tell there own story to motive others, build effective teams, and create powerful strategies.

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