March 20, 2010

Reinventing How We Vote

LIKE MANY startups that aim to do something big, Open Source Digital Voting Foundation in Palo Alto began with an "Aha!"

The epiphany belonged to Gregory Miller, 50, a technology marketing executive who earned a law degree in intellectual property and is now Digital Voting's chief development officer.

"Back in November 2006 I was entrepreneur-in-residence at a local venture-capital firm. The week of the election I happened to have a conversation with one of the partners about what we called 'malformed' markets, and we naturally turned to a discussion of the voting-systems industry, which was failing on all fronts at the time -- bad products, dysfunctional business models, the works," Miller said.

"It's a lousy business if you want to make money for your investors and do a good job for voters."

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