March 15, 2010

Pick An Avatar And Join The March

AS OF this morning, 183,428 AMERICANS have joined the revolt and signed up to "March for America" on April 15th. Unlike the "Million Man March" and other protest marches, this march will take place online.

The first-ever Online Tax Revolt, a free, interactive march on Washington and is open " every American who believes taxes and spending are out of control, harmful to our country and a threat to our nation's future." "We're in serious trouble and it falls to us to get the nation back on track. This march is a wake-up call to everyone in Washington that the American people won't be ignored any longer," said Campaign Chairman Ken Hoagland.

Marchers simply log on to, choose an avatar and have it march to the nation's capital. Participants can march individually or in teams. One cool feature of the Online Tax Revolt March is the map of America which shows the locations of all of the individual avatars that have signed up to march.

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