March 20, 2010

Government Webpage for Every Citizen

ON MONDAY, Britain's Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, will announce plans that he claims could save billions of "pounds" over four years by making dealing with the state as easy as internet banking or shopping on Amazon. Within a year, everybody in the country should have a personalized website through which they would be able to find out about local services and do business with the government. A unique identifier would allow citizens to apply for a place for their child at school, book a doctor's appointment, claim for benefits or pay taxes from their computer at home.

So now imagine an "iTunes" like site that is customizable for each citizen. Rather than choices like Music, Movies, TV Shows, App Store, Audiobooks and iTunes U, the personalized citizen site would have sections like Politics, Government, Schools, Taxes, Voting and Health Care, for instance.

If this could happen in Britain, could this type of innovation take place in the U.S.?

Anyone out their thinking about this?

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