March 23, 2010

Entire City is Innovation Incubator

MANOR LABS is a citizen collaboration platform that the city deployed for citizens to submit technology ideas for the city and rate the ideas of others. Manor then chooses some of the proposals for implementation. The twist is the city has an incentive for fueling activity on the platform. Every time someone submits an idea, comments another's idea, or votes on an idea, that person wins "Innobucks points." The various citizen activities within Manor Labs are worth different amounts of Innobucks, which can be turned in for tangible prizes. For example, one million Innobucks points wins "mayor for the day" status, while 400,000 points can be traded for a ride-along with the police chief.

"We wanted to demonstrate to other cities how to build a sustainable innovation platform. You have to make it fun. You have to make it a game," Haisler said.

Manor Labs operates somewhat like a stock exchange. Once an idea attracts enough comments, it reaches a level at which city officials evaluate whether or not they will implement that idea. During this time, users can invest their Innobucks in the ideas awaiting their fates. If a proposal is approved, all Innobucks invested in it double. Someone who invests in a rejected project loses all of the Innobucks he or she invested in that project. The approach has resulted in five different Web tools being implemented by Manor

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