March 10, 2010

Electronic Signatures To Be Tested In Court

SAN MATEO County will be the test case in determining the legality of electronic signatures submitted on initiative petitions. The case, Michael Ni vs. Warren Slocum, is set to be heard on March 18th and the parties have submitted their pleadings to the Superior Court. The judge's ruling could take California down the road of changing the way signatures are gathered for ballot initiatives.

For additional background on this story, click here and here.

The court pleading submitted by the Petitioner are available here. And the papers for the Respondent - Warren Slocum, are here. The California Secretary of State is being represented by the Attorney General and their pleading is viewable here.

Note: On Verafirma's (developers of the electronic signature application) Facebook site the firm states, "California Secretary of State writes amicus brief opposing Verafirma -- reveals deep and profound lack of understanding of even simplest technology." Pretty strong words!


mmarubio said...

They compared electronic signatures to a fax. A fax! The two are very far apart. And they're the ones that wrote the regs on electronic signatures to boot.

We're in the very best of hands.

BTW - love the blog.

lauren said...

Is it true as mmarubio said that they compared the signatures with a fax.How that could be possible as scanned signatures are different than electronic signatures right? so how that could be possible