February 26, 2010

Suit Over 1st Electronic Signature Submitted

A FEW weeks ago, a USB flash drive was submitted to the San Mateo County elections office containing an image of a signature supporting an initiative to legalize and tax marijuana. That signature represented the first electronic signature ever submitted to help qualify a California ballot proposition.

After studying the law on the subject, I officially rejected the electronic signature scribbled on an iPhone's touch screen based on a requirement in the state elections code that a voter must "personally affix" his or her name, signature and place of residence on a petition. I said in a press release that "a court must determine whether a signature submitted electronically qualifies as personally affixed."

Now I have been sued over the rejection of that electronic signature. The hearing on this historic matter is scheduled for March 18th in the San Mateo County Superior Court.

> Read the legal pleading submitted by the Plaintiffs here.

> Read the Verafirma Press Release on the lawsuit here.

>Read the Mercury News story on the lawsuit here.

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