February 20, 2010

One Electronic Signature May Shape California's Initiative Process Forerver

California Chief Justice Ronald George escalated his criticism of the state's initiative process Friday, saying unrestrained ballot-box lawmaking is paralyzing government. And speaking of the initiative process in California, you may recall that I rejected an electronic signature on a state initiative petition (background here). The court hearing has been set to hear the arguments on whether electronic signatures on petitions are legal or not. It is scheduled for San Mateo Superior Court on March 18th.

It will be interesting to see if the California Secretary of State's office takes a legal stand on this issue - or maybe others?

For a demonstration of Verafirma's software, visit democracy.verafirma.com. And for an editorial on the topic see, Joe Mathews' (a contributing writer to Opinion and a fellow at the New America Foundation), "Taking the Ink Out of Signatures" that appeared in the Los Angeles Times on February 14, 2010.

Stay tuned.

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