June 17, 2009


EVER WONDER about voter registration practices in other nations? Now you can read all about it in a new report issued by the Brennan Center For Justice. The study is entitled "Expanding Democracy: Voter Registration Around the World" and it was authored by Jennifer Rosenberg and Margaret Chen.

Here is a brief excerpt from the summary of the report:

"The experience of these other democracies suggests building a modern voter registration system is a surprisingly straightforward task. In recent years, several democracies have moved to take advantage of new technologies to help build more complete and accurate voter lists. Their experiences are encouraging. These restructured systems reduce administrative costs and improve the accuracy of voter rolls.

This report is a multi-nation examination of the details of voter registration systems. It examines the way sixteen other countries create and keep voter lists. Many of the nations studied are similar to ours in diverse populations, cultural values, and government structures. Their experiences show the clear benefits to voters, overall taxpayer savings, and best practices that can be employed in the United States as Congress drafts reform legislation (and some pitfalls) of concerted reform."

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