June 22, 2009


AN INFLUENTIAL group of President Obama's backers have unveiled a volunteer coordinating web site modeled on Craigslist. The site, allforgood.org, is a place where "you can find and share ways to do good."

The effort is getting support from Craig Newmark, founder of SF based Craigslist, as well as Arianna Huffington (Publisher, Huffington Post), Paul Rademacher (Google) and others from Adobe, YouTube, Casusecast and the Craigslist Foundation.

Here is a list of what you can do on the site:
  • Find volunteer activities near you.
  • Share volunteer activities with your friends.
  • See what your friends are interested in.
  • Track volunteer activities you care about.
  • Sign in with Facebook, Google, and mure

On a related note, the National Conference on Volunteering and Service is scheduled for June 22-24 in San Francisco.

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