May 2, 2009

White House Officially Announces Social Media Presence

With a blog post at 2:03 pm Eastern Time titled "White House 2.0," the Obama administration announced yesterday its official presence on the leading social networking websites and within less than 24 hours one of the White House sites had over 112,000 fans.

In his weekly address, the president called on government to "recognize that we cannot meet the challenges of today with old habits and stale thinking." He added that "we need to reform our government so that it is more efficient, more transparent, and more creative," and pledged to "reach beyond the halls of government" to engage the public. And the White House is doing exactly that - as of May 1st it has created an official presence on the social media sites listed below.

As said, "Perhaps the only surprise about this move is that it didn’t happen until 101 days into Barack Obama’s presidency. After all, this is the guy who announced his running mate via text message."

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