May 5, 2009

The Votes Are In!

WHAT BETTER way to spend a part of Cinco de Mayo than sampling homemade salsa?

That's right - the "Salsa Contest" held this afternoon at the Biblioteca Fair Oaks (Redwood City, California) was a success. Angelica Jaimez, the chief organizer of the event, did a splendid job at getting the "votes counted" accurately and quickly. And the voters got to enjoy some treasured salsa recipes.

In all, participants tasted 18 different salsas, each with its own distinctive flavors which ranged from mild to really hot. There was red salsa, green salsa, orange salsa and yellow salsa. Some of the salsa sauces were creamy, some were thick while others were chunky. All were really good tasting.

In the end the winning salsas were lovingly prepared by Armando Ramirez who took first place honors. Margarita Cuevas got second place and Rosario Gonzalez got the third spot.

Congratulations to all the entrants. And thank you for sharing your recipes.

Hopefully this will become an annual event!

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