May 23, 2009

Tap Into The Wisdom Of The Crowd Using IdeaScale

THE WHITE House is using IdeaScale, a third-party platform that enable anyone to post an idea, add comments, and vote them up or down to power citizen input. IdeaScale powers communities and innovation is drive by the wisdom of the crowd.

Using a simple wizard interface, you can build your IdeaScale portal quickly. It can be customized with categories, brand logo, header and other features. They let you easily add a feedback widget to your web site and automatically post ideas to your blog, Twitter, and Facebook accounts.

Your constituents post ideas and comments to your portal, others vote them up or down. The best ideas/suggestions float up to the top, guiding you towards the most optimal decisions for your public organization. You can also interact directly with the community that is formed around an idea and leave comments on the status of an idea.

This entire process can help you build a stronger relationship with your constituents by confirming that their voices are heard - just like the White House!

I have set up an IdeaScale portal and it was super easy. It took around ten minutes from beginning to end. Check it out here and be sure to add your ideas on creating a New Democracy.

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