April 8, 2009

The Stanford Cool Product Expo

WANT TO play with tangible media, check out a plug-in hybrid, or control a computer with your mind? Meet the people behind nearly 50 innovative companies showcasing their cool products before they hit the market at the Cool Product Expo.

Cool Product Expo, one of the larg
est student organized events at Stanford University, aims to generate interest in and excitement around “cool” products and companies in the field of manufacturing and design. An attendee walking through the expo will likely encounter budding start-ups, university research lab projects, the latest R&D from global manufacturers, the best from local design studios, and more. The expo invites exhibitors from a variety of industries that practice innovation by way of design, function, and/or technology.

The expo runs from 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM, Wednesday, April 8th at the Stanford Arrilaga Alumni Center.

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