April 30, 2009

Mulltiple Tabs: Washington State Nearly Ready For All Mail Elections, Obama's First 100 Days Online & CNN's National Report Card

SOMETIME AGO, the Washington State Legislature gave counties permission to decide whether to switch to all vote-by-mail, nearly every one has made the move. The last two holdouts of the 39 counties have been populous King (Seattle) and Pierce (Tacoma).

King County has announced that it will no longer use poll sites. And Pierce County might go the same way in time for this year’s August primary and November general election.

In other Washington election news, the state, through SB 5599, has agreed to join a compact of states that commit themselves to casting their electoral votes for the White House ticket that wins the national popular vote. Right now, the state’s 11 electoral votes go, winner-take-all, to the ticket that carries Washington. The state is the fifth state to join the compact, with a total of 61 electoral votes. Once states representing 270 electoral votes join the compact — the minimum need to win the White House – the change would occur. In some cases, it would mean Washington’s votes are awarded to a ticket other than Washingtonians preferred. (Bush 41 and Bush 43 being two recent examples out of nine since statehood.)

The big news yesterday, of course, was Obama's press conference as his 100th day in office passed. CNN carried a "grading extravaganza" called The National Report Card: The First 100 Days" where viewers graded the performance of the president and other government officials as well as the media's coverage of the administration. You can find a summary of the Report Card here.

Other 100 day news came from Macon Phillips, the White House Director of New Media. He gave a summary of the President's first 100 days online here.

And speaking of electronic government, evidently public satisfaction with government Web sites have slipped some. This dip may be the result of great expectations for tech-savvy President Obama. Read about their views here.

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