April 3, 2009

Inside the Digital Economy: A FREE Conference

AS THE digital economy drives down the marginal costs of technology and a generation of young consumers grow accustomed to giveaways, it's no longer a question of 'How can you compete with free?' but a matter of 'How can you afford not to compete with free?'

At the same time, the current economic crisis is making the need to turn free into cash more critical than ever, and some argue that free is doing more harm than good to content creators who rely on 'traditional' business models to pay the bills. The recession has proven that it takes no prisoners, and some companies won't survive unless they can figure out how to monetize free
and quickly.

The Free! Summit (May 11th in San Mateo) addresses these challenges, and the opportunities, in an open and critical way by bringing together leading thinkers and innovators who are embracing the value of free...as well as those who are not. Investors, entrepreneurs, content developers, marketing professionals, analysts and other stakeholders who are at the forefront of the digital revolution.

Whether you're investing in free, trying to sell free, competing with free or just trying to understand what free is all about, you'll benefit from the insights and connections you will find at The Free! Summit. These days, Free! isn't solely for Internet trail blazers like craigslist and Google. Companies and industries of all types are exploring new business models and searching for better ways to anticipate and meet customer needs.

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