April 16, 2009

Google Expands Its Election Efforts Into The Largest Democratic Event In History

INDIA'S GENERAL Election starts today and has been called the largest democratic event in human history. The election involves some 714 million eligible voters who vote over the course of four weeks. There are 828,804 polling stations, 1.3 million voting machines and 4 million election officials.

The official Google Blog recently announced that Google, along with a wide range of partners, have launched the Google India Elections Centre - available in English and in Hindi.

According to Google, people from across India can use the centre to to do the following:
  • Confirm their voter registration status
  • Discover their polling location
  • View their constituency on a map
  • Consume relevant election-related news, blog, videos and quotations
  • Evaluate the status of development in their constituency across a range of indicators
  • Learn about the background of their Member of Parliament and this year's candidates
"With still more features to be added during the election, we hope the site will be an ongoing resource for analysis, governance, and democracy in India after the election."

Visit the Election Centre >

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