March 21, 2009

Winning Your Next Campaign: New Media Can Help

THE INTERNET and new media give campaigns powerful new tools but most people might not understand how those tools actually work in a real life campaign. Granted, the Obama campaign was unique, but there are lessons that could be applied from that amazing organization to any political campaign from state house to courthouse and the resources listed below might help you apply those lessons to your campaign.

The Clinton campaign's mantra was "It's the economy, stupid." The mantra for the Obama campaign's new media team was "message, money, and mobilization." The Internet's role in the first two - enabling a massively successful online word-of-mouth campaign and record-breaking fundraising totals-are both fairly well documented. Not so the third "M," mobilization.

Read how the Obama campaign's team mobilized a massive army on the ground here. And an earlier article entitled "The New Organizers" is good background also.

For an example of how free public media can support a campaign, watch the "Neighbor to Neighbor" video which allowed supporters to get instruction on how to reach out to neighbors and build support for the Obama campaign.

Also worth reading is "
Obama Raised Half a Billion Online."

And finally, check out the New Organizing Institute. NOI runs the only progressive advocacy and campaign training program focused on cutting-edge online organizing techniques (e.g. writing effective emails, engaging bloggers, leveraging social networks, utilizing video), political technology (e.g. using data effectively, progressive technology infrastructure), and the intersection with field and management of these areas of new organizing.

I hope those resources help you better understand how new media can be used effectively in a campaign. Good luck.

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