March 27, 2009

Virtual Charter School Proposed for South San Francisco

A VIRTUAL charter school might be coming to South San Francisco, California if school officials approve the request submitted by Free Word U. Free World U seeks to create a more efficient educational system - Their mission is "to provide free online education to everyone worldwide.

The organization proposes a 25 to 1 student-to-teacher ratio and credentialed teachers would be employed by the proposed school. If the charter is approved by the school board, incoming students would begin enrollment with a test to determine his or her technological proficiency. The outcomes places the student on a technology track for acquiring technical skills needed for assignments. The virtual school would serve children in kindergarten through high school.

In reviewing the World U website, it seems as if the program is based on a flashcards learning system which seeks to break down learning into the smallest possible units. In going through a few of the lessons the interface seems simple and the user can even select music while doing their school work. Lessons for preschoolers include colors, numbers, letters and shapes - and lots more.

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