March 26, 2009

Online Reaction to Obama's Online Town Hall

APPROXIMATELY TWO hours after President Obama's online town hall meeting (described below), the public's reaction to the event has been positive. MSN, which carried the stream asked, "Do you think President Obama's online town hall was useful and informative?

  • 48.8 percent said yes. I learned a lot, was impressed with his answers, and hope he does these events regularly so people like me can participate (5,451 votes).
  • 34.6 percent said no. It was completely contrived and all of the questions were softballs. I want the president to get to work, not take silly questions from average Joes (3,879 vaotes)
  • 6.5 percent said somewhat. It was a good first effort, and shows he wants to answer question from everyone, not just the press (726 votes).
  • 2.4 percent said I'm not sure. Was it really all that different from a regular press conference? (272 votes).

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