March 13, 2009

Multiple Tabs: Sense Networks Knows Where You Are!

BUSINESS WEEK has a thought provoking article in the March 9 issue that claims that companies may soon know where customers are likely to be every minute of the day. It's worth the read! Also see Sense Networks.

In California, Senator Bob Huff has introduced legislation that would require voters to show proof of identification before voting. See Senate Bill 465.

Delaware has deployed a pretty cool electronic voter registration system. California and other states should take a look.

Minnesota's long-running U.S. Senate election trial is almost over and today Republican Norm Coleman and Democrat Al Franken will make their closing arguments in the seven-week trial.

Teachers, students and parents will protest today. It's Pink Friday.

I have talked before about how budget cuts could endanger our democracy and now the New York Board of Elections is experiencing just that - significant proposed budget reductions.

The other night I watched a movie called "Swing Vote." Basically the story revolves around a remarkable turn-of-events, the result of the presidential election comes down to one man's vote. Watch a trailer here.

It was 20 years ago today that Tim Berners-Lee authored "Information Management: A Proposal" that set the technology world on fire and gave birth to the World Wide Web.

Yesterday I broke down and bought a Handy Recorder H4 along with a Audix OM3 microphone. Very cool stuff! My Goal? Start producing digital stories using photographs, narrative and music. First project ideas are welcome.

You might want to read Matthew Hindman's book called, "The Myth of Digital Democracy." The author shows how, despite the wealth of independent Web sites, online news audiences are concentrated on the top twenty outlets, and online organizing and fund-raising are dominated by a few powerful interest groups.

Got an iPhone? Like coffee? Check out "Barista" at the Apple iTunes store. For 99 cents you'll get a personal tutor in the art of making brilliant espresso at home - and you will save some money because it normally sells for $2.99.

Governor Schwarzenegger supports the idea of a California Constitutional Convention.

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