March 10, 2009

Gov 2.0 Summit: The Platform for Change

The Obama administration signals a sea change in the way our government will use technology for our greater good, as well as the way citizens will contribute to running our nation. The Web 2.0 principles of user engagement, rapid development, and real-time intelligence that guided President Obama during his campaign are the same principles that will shape the future of our political operating system.

But the task of reinventing government is too important to be left solely to the government. Gov 2.0 Summit, a new government technology conference co-produced by O'Reilly Media and TechWeb, capitalizes on the momentum for change and broad engagement, creating a non-partisan forum for addressing the monumental challenges our nation faces. Gov 2.0 Summit is a place for technologists to rise to the call of public service, offering up their internet expertise to its best and highest purpose.

Gov 2.0 Summit will bring together policy-makers, elected officials, upper management in city, state, and federal agencies, technology leadership in all levels of government, private-sector internet business leaders, contractors, and consultants to establish high-level thought leadership across the spectrum of stake-holders.

The event will frame the important questions before us with the participation of government, industry, non-profits, and academia:

How can we use technology to make government more transparent and accountable? How do we bridge the culture of Silicon Valley with the culture of Washington? How can we reinvent the contracting ecosystem, enabling a new model of public-private partnerships for the benefit of both sides?

Gov 2.0 Summit will feature best practices and case studies to highlight the work of those who are already using new technology in government, as well as projects outside the Beltway that demonstrate how tasks can be accomplished more effectively and cheaply.

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