March 22, 2009

The Federal Government is Headed For The Web 2.0 Big Leagues

ACCORDING TO The Sunlight Foundation, "...our federal government is headed for the Web 2.0 big leagues in tracking stimulus dollars." As proof, 26 of 28 federal agencies currently handling stimulus dollars have launched websites at identical "/recovery" URLs (example: and 3,900 hits-per-second loads have been reported for

But the even better news is that this Web 2.0 approach to governance will continue to spread to other agencies within the federal government. Macon Phillips, who runs New Media at the White House is working with the New Organizing Institute to recruit individuals for new media director positions for all federal agencies. Not only will this strategy "open up" the federal government but it will also help the Obama administration build a larger community of supporters. (Other elected officials should take note and think how this strategy could be used in their organization. If you would like some free advice on how this could help your agency or how you could get started using Web 2.0, (or other questions) - send email to All inquiries/questions will be kept totally confidential).

If you are interested in applying for one of these positions or you would like to create such a position in your jurisdiction, there is a basic job description for the positions, although they will vary depending on the agency, listed below. If you are interested, please email your resume and describe your skills and areas of interest (energy, defense, etc.) to and put "Administration" in the subject line.

New Media Director of an Agency

The New Media Director of an Agency of the Executive branch will work closely with the Communications Team within the agency to:

-Coordinate written, video, design, and development content
-Update, maintain, coordinate and develop web site, e-mail, various online social platform outreach, video, and other new media initiatives
-Get copy & messaging communications cleared by appropriate staff, and other departments if applicable
-Direct the schedule, timing and overall strategy of online program
-Liaison with other functional areas of the Department/Agency to better integrate online programming
-Investigate ways in which the agency can use new media tools to broaden and strengthen the agency's reach and presence

The New Media Director will be responsible for:

-All new media communications, including but not limited to content, functionality, scheduling and execution
-Maintaining the agency's agenda and message
-Managing other new media staff
-The overall technical performance, maintenance, and development of websites outreach platforms
-Working closely with the technical team to maintain best practice sites, security, and performance
-Interpreting and reporting various site statistics on a regular basis, and using these results to improve traffic and the effectiveness of the agency's content and outreach efforts

Job Requirements:

-Exceptional communication and organizational skills
-Technical proficiency in day-to-day site administration or design and experience in getting results through vendors or contractors
-Ability to manage multiple people and projects in a fast-paced, deadline-driven environment, and superior attention to detail
-Experience with online content and constituent management systems, understanding of online graphics and design, and knowledge of web analytics software and metrics
-Experience with web programming languages and development

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