February 9, 2009

There is No Shortage of Election and Political News

TODAY'S NEWS brings several articles worth reading. One headline reads, "Case threatens voting rights" and the other story is on possible voter fraud in the recent Orange County, California election. On other fronts, the San Francisco Chronicle has a story on the state budget situation which leads with "Counties Threaten To Take Money State Owes Them" and John Chiang, California's Controller gets covered in the Wall Street Journal story, "California's Tough-Guy Controller."

In political news there is a story about the 2010 Governor's race, "Newsom, Brown: Will Age Tell Candidates Apart? And Bettyconfidential has "Meg Whitman To Run For Governor of California" which claims that Ms. Whitman will announce today that she intends to run for governor and that the announcement will be made on her web site.

The Los Angeles Times claims that some politicians haven't let the state's financial calamity keep them from enjoying the good life; they've been using campaign cash for first-class travel abroad, expensive dinners, salon makeovers and visits to luxurious spas. And finally, the state's most powerful politicians are still negotiating a budget deal - and worked on it for several hours on Sunday as described by Edwin Garcia in the San Jose Mercury.

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