February 14, 2009

Open Source Digital Voting Foundation

IN DECEMBER 2008, I spoke at the PEW Conference entitled, "Voting in America: The Road Ahead." At that conference I had the good fortune to meet Mr. Gregory Miller whoshared with me a little about the work of OSDV and their goal to develop open source election software. The OSDV Foundation is a Silicon Valley based public benefits corporation whose mission is to work to restore trust in how America votes through the design, development, and demonstration of open source digital voting technology.

Along with Oregon State University's Open Source Lab, OSDV is holding a meeting in Portland on February 18th to introduce developers and interested folks to their effort which is described as a "public digital works project." Attendees of the meeting will learn about the "TrustTheVote Project," a well funded non-profit effort which has been under the radar for 2 years. The guest speakers are Gregory Miller, Chief Development Officer, OSDV and E. John Sebes, Chief Technology Officer. Their presentation will touch on:
  • Introduce the project, its motivation, founding, and development efforts to date;
  • Walk through the TrustTheVote technology road map and review major projects underway;
  • Discuss development philosophies and approaches including experience-driven design and test-driven agile development;
  • Review opportunities for systems architects, software developers, SDQA/test specialists, and user experience designers;
  • Cover plans to expand the volunteer developer teams, future opportunities for senior members of technical staff, and opportunities for you to get involved.
So, if you are a developer, you could have a quick, tangible impact on elections by helping to establish open source voting system standards and by contributing or reviewing code for such a system. If you need some motivation, take a look at a segment of "Hacking Democracy (HBO in 2007) the first segment on YouTube.

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