February 9, 2009

Obama on Recovery.gov

EARLIER TODAY, President Obama, in his town hall-style meeting in Elkhart, Indiana shared his views of what Recovery.gov will be designed to do. The president said, “We’re actually going to set up something called Recovery.gov—this is going to be a special website we set up, that gives you a report on where the money is going in your community, how it’s being spent, how many jobs it’s being created so that all of you can be the eyes and ears. And if you see that a project is not working the way it’s supposed to, you’ll be able to get on that website and say, ‘You know, I thought this was supposed to be going to school construction but I haven’t noticed any changes being made.’ And that will help us track how this money is being spent. …The key is that we’re going to have strong oversight and strong transparency to make sure this money isn’t being wasted.”

Pretty amazing stuff.

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