February 12, 2009

Barbara Simons @ Stanford University

YESTERDAY AT Stanford University, Barbara Simons, as part of the Computer Systems Colloquium, gave a fine talk entitled, "Voting Machines & Audits: It Ain't How Your Grandparents Voted." Her talk provided the twenty or so attendees with an overview of the types of voting systems being deployed, some of the problems with these systems, and various efforts to improve the security, reliability, accessibility, and usability of the systems. She also focused on the need for more effective audits of election results.

While she did provide a pretty good history of events from 2000 forward, time prohibited her from really telling the complete story - and some of her remarks were, well...slightly biased or just didn't give the other side of the story. But overall - good job Barbara and it is fantastic that we finally got a respected "technical" person on the
Board of Advisors of the U.S. Election Assistance Commission.

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