January 3, 2009

What Goes on Behind the Scenes in an Elections Office?

On election night, November 7th, San Mateo County did something that no election jurisdiction had ever done before. We broadcast a democracy-based "edutainment" program that showed real-time segments of the elections process from inside the Elections Office - something that is rarely seen by the general public.

It's purpose was to educate the public on how complicated an election really is and the kind of hard work that goes into a countywide election; to bring added transparency to the election process; and to demonstrate the security and practices that lead to votes being counted properly.

Since that show, Anatomy of Election '08 aired, we have posted the segments of the broadcast and posted them on our Web site by chapters. There are ten chapters and a wrap up. Each chapter is around five minutes in length. Some of the topics include Voting by Mail, Voting at the Polls and a special segment where viewers as me questions via email (appropriately named, "Ask Warren." Each segment includes a short narrative explaining the segment.

Overall the election night broadcast was a huge success. Thanks to
PenTV, Comcast, KM2 Communications and San Mateo County for co-sponsoring this historic event.

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