January 18, 2009

Getting Ready for My Inauguration "Road Trip"

How would you like to go to a $160 million party? That's the ticket I have and it all starts this weekend as I prepare to head to Washington for President-elect Barack Obama's inauguration on January 20th.

This weekend has included the usual errands, going to the market, dry cleaners and the ATM machine. But it will also have some tasks related to my trip like packing my green suitcase, finding my black overcoat, leather gloves and scarf. And I am packing my silk long johns from REI purchased especially for the anticipated hours of standing outside in the 30 degree weather - along with two million others.

My Jet Blue flight leaves the Oakland airport on Sunday night. After a five hour direct flight I land at Dulles in Washington at 6:30 A.M. their time. Then it's off to Silver Spring, Maryland with my long-time friend Rob for some errands and then back to the city to pick up my inauguration tickets from Representative Anna Eshoo's office. We also plan to stop by Representative Jackie Speier's office for an MLK reception. The rest of Monday will be spent enjoying the sights of downtown as Washington prepares for the big party.

Tuesday will be an early day as we will pick our way to the parade, inauguration, a reception at the Library of Congress and eventually dinner.
Wednesday is going to include meetings with a couple of local officials including the Arlington County Clerk, Paul Ferguson. I hope to also get to the offices of the Election Assistance Commission - and Thursday, Jet Blue brings me back to California.

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