January 13, 2009

Election News from the Field

IN ELECTION news today, the U.S. Supreme Court refused to revive the Texas Democratic Party's lawsuit complaing that eSlate voting machines widely used in the state don't properly record straight-party votes. Also in Texas, county officials heard from a computer science professor who said that Gregg County should not rely on eSlate voting machines because they are open to attack (despite the fact that this has never happened and the machines were certified in California following an intensive security analysis). Heading North, Minnesota election officials turned down a Franken request that would have allowed him to take office in the Senate. And in California one county looks to dump its voting equipment (they want to replace Diebold/Premier equipment with Hart InterCivic machines). In Rhode Island a bill would require voters to show photo ID and a Georgia State Representative introduced a bill that would require voters registering for the first time to present their birth certificate. And finally, online voting may be closer than you might imagine.

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