December 30, 2008

Grab Your Camera: The Democracy Video Challenge

With so many public and private initiatives being labeled "2.0," it is appropriate that the State Department has launched a new program called Public Diplomacy 2.0. As James K. Glassman, Under Secretary for Pubic Diplomacy and Public Affairs, said, "We have arrived at the view that the best way to achieve our goals in public diplomacy is through a new approach to communicating, an approach that is made far easier because of the emergence of Web 2.0, or social networking, technologies."

You can read more about Public Diplomacy 2.0 here but the item I wanted to bring to your attention is a video contest that supports this work. The U.S. Department of State calls the contest "The Democracy Video Challenge." It is a worldwide competition aimed at enhancing the global dialogue on democracy - it asks budding filmmakers, democracy advocates and the general public to create video shorts that complete the phrase, "Democracy is..."

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