December 7, 2008

A Call for Universal Voter Registration

The Brennan Center for Justice at New York University's School of Law has issued a policy summary paper that recommends a system of "universal voter registration" in the U.S. The authors are Wendy Weiser, Michael Waldman and Renee Paradis. They claim that a universal voter registration approach would create voter rolls that are as comprehensive as possible well in advance of Election Day - and would provide a fail-safe mechanism if an eligible voter showed up at the polls but couldn't be found on the list. The Center correctly points out that such systems are routine in other countries.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

J. Edgar Hoover would have loved universal voter registration.

I have little doubt that most people who are not registered today intended so.

Further, I will posit that the growth in Decline to State registrations suggests that many would prefer to be "less registered," if that were possible, while retaining the ability to vote.

I object to universal voter registration because it would HUGELY increase the number of unused ballots in the pool available for election fraud.

The combination of universal voter registration and vote-by-mail is an unacceptable risk; akin to the financial risk of sending a credit card to every address that doesn't have one today.

We all know how common credit card fraud is, and banks don't have to cope with secret ballots. The ROV doesn't now and never will have the resources necessary to police voter fraud as well as banks police credit card fraud.

Only real voters should be registered to vote.