December 1, 2008

Applications Available for Board Seat

For me, it is hard to believe that it is December 1st. But it is and applications for San Mateo County's supervisor seat are available starting today. Candidates will make a 15-minute public presentation to the board on December 15th followed by 10 minutes of public testimony on each applicant's behalf. The following day the board will either appoint one of the applicants or call for a special election which could be held March 3, any Tuesday in April or June 2 with any state election that might be called.

Opinions on the advantages of appointing vs. an election vary. But it seems like most newspapers as well as the Democratic Central Committee have come out in favor of holding an election. A columnist for the San Mateo Daily News recently wrote that the lack of elections has lead to a government body that is becoming "a self-perpetuating group that could potentially suffer from inbreeding."

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