November 14, 2008

1st 2008 National Voting Machine Performance Analysis

Joseph Lorenzo Hall, a distinguished voting technology researcher and computer scientist, has spent the last week analyzing the election day trouble tickets of a national voter protection coalition. And while Mr. Hall notes that some of the difficulties in analyzing the tickets comes from the fact that the tickets were recorded by volunteers - not computer scientists, his analysis is still worth reviewing. (Especially for election administrators who want to improve the process for the next time around).

Mr. Hall writes, "If we can do anything to improve the experience of the average voter facing a machine problem, it should be reduce the amount of time they spend in line. He added that voters who had a machine problem and got back-up paper ballots often were not confident that their votes would be counted. Another curious feature of the data is the voters' uniformly negative attitudes toward contingency or back-up plans - voters are often upset and mistrustful," Hall said.

Mr. Hall's analysis is one of the first assessments - if not the first - to look at electronic voting in November's Presidential election. And I am certain more analysis will be forthcoming and that would be welcomed.

Go to Not Quite a Blog 2.0 and read Mr. Hall's analysis.

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